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About Me

I am a passionate advocate of a self-determined, active lifestyle. Because we all deserve the life we want to live!

This sometimes takes a little courage to change.

Because a self-determined, creative life doesn’t look like that to me:


A self-determined life

For me, self-determination means taking courage, taking responsibility for my life and shaping it individually, just as I like it in this phase of life. My house, for example, should be cozy and beautiful; I want to be able to move freely and easily in it and feel comfortable there.


A creative life means maintaining a certain willingness to experiment, an open-mindedness and a thirst for adventure. To rediscover life and its possibilities over and over again, to shape it yourself. The openness to be surprised. Yes – and also a certain willingness to take risks !

Because it takes courage to get involved in new things, to open up to unpleasant topics and feelings. With a lot of imagination to solve problems. To dare to venture into new living spaces.

Look for clarity?

Do you long for fulfillment? Do you want to lead the self-determined, creative life that makes you happy? I will support you in this. You probably have more courage than you think!

Never bury your desires and dreams! Dare to put your wishes into practice. Because you deserve it!


Courage to change

Often people suffer for many years in the situation they find themselves in, and many suffer burnout at some point. Only when they get sick do some take up the courage to change. That makes me very sad

And I want to change it!

I myself have worked very successfully as a specialist translator for 30 years, and although I was satisfied with it (especially financially), I missed something.

Until at some point I realized that I can only be really happy when I am with people. That I would like more self-determination, more creativity.

So I took courage and changed my life. During my training as a coach / psychological advisor at the training center for therapeutic professions in Remscheid, I was by far the oldest.

And it was fine like that. Because you should never give up the dream of a self-determined, creative life. It always works! Regardless of age.

Today I help other people to find clarity in order to realize their dreams. And I’m happier than ever before. Today I can say with a clear conscience that I never want to be 20 years old again. Now and here it is absolutely great for me the way it is!

You too can live such a life. Self-determined and creative. All you need is the courage to change, a little time and the will to get involved.

If you are not ready to give up yet – if you want to take responsibility for your life and make something out of it – you have come to the right place.

Something else awaits you here!


So that you don't get stuck in frustration, I will help you

  • To find your orientation so that you can live the way you want.
  • See and take your chances.
  • Shake off the uncertainty. To put an end to the hesitation.
  • To find the motivation and the courage to risk a change or even a new beginning. It can even be really fun!

With me you will find:

Empathy and understanding for your uniqueness and your special concern.

A way out of hesitation and uncertainty – without fear.

An end to the silence. I am listening to you very carefully.

More courage to make decisions and more determination in finding a personal goal.

Support, optimism and concrete options for action.

After coaching you have:

A solid compass for your life based on your wishes.

Motivation for the next steps and the necessary tools for implementation.

Courage to reorient if necessary.

A long-term perspective.

Overall: a kick in life instead of getting stuck in frustration!

And then you can:

Orientate yourself, shake off the uncertainty and make decisions

Take concrete steps

Maybe even try a fresh start if you want to


Because you are not supposed to live just any life. But one that really fulfills you.

So that the soul can breathe again.

What is your happy life like? What does it mean for you in concrete terms, what should change and what do you want from me?

Take courage! This costs absolutely nothing, does not involve any obligation and is also not a booking. You will only get a response from me if you wish.