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Advice to women

Advice for women with Barbara Schmidt

Fast, uncomplicated help with separation, divorce, marriage and relationship problems as well as professional questions.

So that the soul can breathe again

Personal Coach

Psychological Advisor

Specialist in advising women

Albatros Women's Advice: Better results without long-term treatment and high costs.

Do you want to know how marriage and relationship problems arise, how to deal with a divorce and what to do about separation pains and lovesickness?

Also when it comes to the professional perspective, I will help you with orientation and goal setting so that you can make more of your life. Better success with concrete steps for orientation, decision and implementation.

Because there is so much more in you! You can find out what is important here.


Wie wollen Sie leben?
Ihr Ziel verfolgen

What is your current life situation like?

  • Great
  • Quite well
  • So pretty much
  • There is still room for improvement
  • Totally bad

How about you If you ticked “great” without hesitation, then you are absolutely wrong with me.

But if you would like to learn how to improve your marriage or partnership, get over separation pains and lovesickness, deal with a divorce or find better career prospects, my Albatros women’s counseling service in Bremen can help you.

Your life – your choice.

How high does your albatross fly?

Partnership, marriage, divorce, separation or job?

Where exactly are you getting stuck?

In the graphic opposite you can see the following aspects: partnership / marriage, separation / divorce and job.

On the left there is a scale from 1 to 10. This means: The more satisfied you are with the respective aspect of your life, the higher your albatross flies. For the illustration, I first arranged the birds at any height. But that can look very different for you personally. So please rate each aspect for yourself with a number. Your own albatross has reached this height so far.

If it flies all over the place, everything is fine.

If not, there are tried and tested strategies, as well as some little-known methods, that you can use to get a lot more out of your relationship or marriage, as well as your life.

What can i help you with?

Chart Albatross

Who does your happy life look like? What does it mean for you in concrete terms, what should change and what do you want from me?

Take courage! This costs absolutely nothing, does not involve any obligation and is also not a booking. You will only get a response from me if you wish.